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About Us


The Estonian/Swiss company wants to bring new products to the Estonian golf market. A combination of traditional and new brands shall establish an exciting and fascinating product range that offers pleasure and function to every golfer.

From the smallest tee to high class electric trolleys, Evecal will find the best fit for every golfer. Elegant clothing, perfectly fitted golf clubs and long lasting products will build Evecal's product range.

Seila Saks and Andrej Kübli want to encourage golfers to express their individuality and character on the golf course. Personalised golf products should be a part of every golfer's gear. We are here to advise and consult. Doesn't matter if you're a weekend golfer, advanced golfer or a company with golfing customers - we assist everyone and help make a great impression around the golf course.


Seila Saks

Seila's passion for golf and elegance is widely known. Her experience in the clothing business and her good taste for beautiful things in life will influence the strategy of Evecal deeply. Seila is an honest and direct person that knows what can be done to help you bring out more of your personality through what you wear. Thanks to her drive for perfection and her straight forward thinking every golfer will benefit from her consult. Seila's charm and friendly competitive characater are helping her to reach her tasks and succeed in all challenges she is confronted with. Easy going, but also focused and creative when needed - these are indicators of her work philosophy.


Andrej Kübli

With over 20 years of experience in golf business Andrej Kübli is an expert in his field. He is highly skilled in club fitting and will match every golfer with the best fit for them.

His dedication and clear view on how golf equipment should perform makes him a trustworthy and honest partner. Swiss precision combined with charming creativity and wide knowledge has made Andrej into a successful professional in golf matters within the past 20 years.


He is convinced that only happy customers will pass on recommendations - that is the biggest compliment in life for him, which mostly rotates around golf.

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